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So how effective is your online campaign or advertisement going?

Small to mid-size businesses selling services or products are looking for a unique and diverse approach to market their business. Specifically business owners and managers that want to stand out from all the noise on the internet. Therefore the need to be seen “everywhere” are crucial to the success of most businesses. How else are you expecting to survive the good and bad times?

So how effective is your online campaign or advertisement going?

Does your marketing agency identify the products, services and solutions you should be visible for?

Compare your visibility across location, neighborhood, and regions you serve?

See you current visibility and level of competition? Identify quick wins for new customers?

Save time by knowing exactly where to focus your efforts to improve visibility with your target audience?

Get an edge over competition with data insight they don’t have? Do you get a color-coded system, which tells you how you’re doing in the market?

Our Snapshot report does just that. Get a 5 star rated system giving you a true detailed map of what you need to improve.

We work hard to get your product, brand or service the attention and publicity it deserves.

Rep Marketing offers you the same strategies and resources used by huge corporations and Hollywood studios at rates you can afford. Save time and money and use the power of words to drive more traffic to your business.

Have you ever noticed that the biggest companies in the world do the most promoting? They are using a constant flow of words and images to communicate with their customers and the public. You can too with Rep Marketing . We keep your clients and prospects interested and engaged with you, plus, we get your message out to the world. You won't need a huge budget or know-how either. We do this through regular and ongoing utilization of our relationship with numerous news and media organizations, advertising resources, social media, and digital technology, just like the big corporations do, except much more targeted.

Public Relations - one of the most effective ways to boost traffic and sales to your business is through publicity campaigns. This also builds brand authority and helps you gain the trust and respect of your current and potential clients.

We noticed that many businesses, particularly executives and small business owners, were unaware of the resources that were available to them; resources that would help them and their businesses grow. We also noticed that the problem really came down to one or more of three causes: time, money, and knowledge.

Time — we handle content creation, research, writing, optimization, and distribution so you can have more time running your business. The time barrier has been removed.

Money — our services are extremely and surprisingly affordable. More so when you consider the quality and power of our content. The money barrier has been removed.

Knowledge — we specialize in creativity, professional writing, public relations, social media, communication, media relations, and much more. Now that you know about us, the knowledge barrier has been removed.

Rep Marketing solves those problems and removes all barriers to entry so almost any business can have a chance to prosper. ​

​Not only are we the best at what we do, but our contacts and resources allow us to offer exclusive services to our customers that are usually only available to large corporations with deep pockets. We are the most

efficient and affordable service for professionals and businesses that want access to the same powerful resources used by some of the biggest companies in America. We give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Other public relations services charge extra to write the content, do keyword research, or search engine enhancement of the content. And they are, sadly, not very good at any of that. These additional services are included in our prices. Why? Because we know that your publicity campaign will not be as effective if it is not put together and distributed properly.

Our services are personalized for each client. We do not do any work without first considering the client's business objectives and goals. Rather, we perform our services to provide the greatest possible value and result for each client. We maintain relationships and work very closely with the top marketing experts in the world as well as many well-known business leaders.

We provide online exposure and authority for you, which builds trust and respect for your name and brand. This gives the business the kind of attention that attracts new customers, keeps current customers engaged, and increases the integrity and trust factor of the company. Search engines favor sites with new and engaging content. Plus, the trust factor they place on media sites partially passes on to the business as well.

Publicity campaigns serve four important purposes in business - publicity, visibility, reputation, and authority. They provide the business owner with the opportunity to share their message while gaining widespread publicity. The search engines love current and relevant news and publicity or news campaigns are often the quickest way for small business owners to be found on the internet. Proper keyword research and high-level SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics are crucial here. Also, being featured in the news and on media outlets builds credibility, trust, and authority faster than any other means.

Our founder is a former small business owner turned sales executive turned business development and marketing consultant. With an insider’s view of systems at some of the largest, most successful companies, we have an understanding of which strategies work best and how to get similar results for you.

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